Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

I’m not sure who said this but my my mother said it this morning and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. When it says walk softly it means that you should stay out of other people’s bussiness and not be abnoxious. And when it says carry a big stick it means that you should act in a way that people respect you.  So basically it is saying that you can gain respect without being loud and abnoxious. Just by the way YOU act can get you respect.

Trail of Tears!

I was shielding myself from the harsh snow behind my mother on the back of our horse.  None of us are happy, not me, not my mother, and not my father, who was down trudging through the snow and leading the horse.

We had not been happy since the U.S. troops kicked us out of our own land so that they could keep it for themselves.  The whole Cherokee tribe was moving to the Indian Territory, 800 miles away.  Many of us have died due to the harsh weather, starvation and terrible diseases. 

We’re all cold and scared.  We don’t say it but it is known by the looks on our frozen faces. 

But, with each step our horse takes with my father right beside it we know that we are getting closer to our destination, and we can only hope that we’ll be there soon!

As we come around a bend in the path we see another village.  When we finally get close enough to see the faces of the people n the village there are shrieks and tears of joy. 

 The people in this village are not like the people with pale skin that we have been seeing in the villages we have been passing, but they look like us.  We have reached our final destination after a year of walking. 

As I turn around I catch a glimpse of the soldiers who have escorted us here with their guns pointing at our backs. 

 We all turn around for the last time to say goodbye to those who did not make it here and are buried in the cold ground miles and miles away. 

As I look up at my mama I see her smile for the first time in about a year with a tear of joy coming down her face.


The Ten Things To Do Before I Die

I have certain goals that I want to accomplish in my life.  Here are a few of them:

1.) Make someone’s life better for them.

2.) Write a song.

3.) Be in the audience of a concert for my neighbor!

4.) Save a life.

5.) Experience a miracle.

6.) Make a Change.

7.) Live to experience the cure for cancer

8.) See the Grand Canyon

9.) Take a cruise through Italy with my grandmother

10.) be the God Mother of a child

What It Really Is vs. What It Represents

Have you ever noticed how everything in life can represent something else.  A picture of to people can represent love or friendship; a flame of a candle can represent a how there is always light in the dark times; a hallway with many doors can represent the choices we have to make; even a note in a scale on the piano can represent the steps we have to make to get up to the top!  leave a comment and tell what you think represents something in life. 

flame by netlancer2006.             Wood-Up Quick-Step by Joe Shlabotnik.                                                                                                      




~♥~My Place~♥~

My place is OUTSIDE!  Not any specific place outside- it could be at the beach, in the woods, on my street- but just anywhere where I can be alone with my thoughts but not completely closed in by walls and a ceiling.  Even when its raining I still wish I could go outside.   As long as I can take a walk and listen to my I-Pod I’m happy.

Best Friends

What do you look for in a friend? Someone kind? Caring?

When I think about friends i think about people who are fun to be around, caring, and friendly.  But most of all I like to have friends that like me for me and dont try to change me. . . or change themselves because i like to know the real person that i am hanging around with.  I also like to have friends that will still be there for you during rough times.  Friends come to us in different shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities and we have to accept them for who they are and maybe they will accept you for who YOU are!

~My Inaugural Speech~

I will gladly take the position as president of the United States of America in high hopes of mking the lives of many, if not all of the citizens surrounding me, easier.  Every lif that has ever existed has had a chance at a fresh start. Well, America, here is ours.  This is our chnce to fix the many prolems we have created for ourselelves

Look at the person next to you and see tht this person is unique in his or her own way and tht the difference between you and that person does not make that person any better or worse than yourself.  I hope that you will sleep easy tonight knowing that the issuesour country is experiencing right now will be adressed and fixed.  The only thing i have left to say is God bless America!

My Pet

My dog’s name is Misty. she is a Miniature Pinscher.  She is not very destructive but she can be if she wants to.  We have a couch angainst a wall with a window overlooking our street.  The problem is that she barks at everything.  When a car turns onto our street she will go crazy and run back and forth across the couch, tripping over herself and the couch as she goes. Now our new couch is sagging on the spots where she sits.

Today’s News

Accusations From  Afghan

The Afghan President has accused the U.S. Military of leading an operation that killed 17 of their country’s citizens including women and children.  The U.S. is claiming that only the Afghan military was effected and not the Afghan citizens.  The U.S. Military  spokesman in now saying that if any citizens were killed, that they are offering there sincere condolences to them and their families.